The major text types taught are set out in the year group curriculum overviews – each of these incorporates teaching the key skills of reading (word reading and comprehension) and writing (transcription, handwriting and presentation, composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation as well as spelling). Across the school children encounter all major text types to both read and write, developing as clear and accurate writers of non-fiction texts and imaginative and fluent writers of fiction.

Grammar teaching builds progressively from year group to year group and cursive (joined) handwriting is taught from Year 1.

Vocabulary development is a focus across the school and across the curriculum – there is an expectation that vocabulary development is included in all lessons from, for example, PE and Music to Science and Geography, and that opportunities are taken to teach and learn about words, their roots and the links between them. Spelling teaching builds progressively throughout the school based on the expectations in the National Curriculum and supported by a termly KS2 Spelling Challenge.

Enrichment activities for writing include an annual whole school writing competition in the Summer term which develops narrative writing and presentation skills as well as entry into external writing competitions such as the BBC 500 words competition and a pupil-led school magazine.