Reading and phonics at Christ Church School

At Christ Church we aim to teach children to become confident readers. We use a carefully structured reading scheme, which offers a range of fiction and nonfiction books at every level.

Phonics is taught systematically across Reception and Key Stage 1. We use Letters and Sounds, the Government guidance on synthetic phonics teaching, with use of additional resources from the Jolly Phonics scheme, and plan multisensory, interactive lessons to engage young children and enabling them to learn quickly, building on and consolidating prior knowledge day by day.

At Christ Church we value the contribution parents make to the teaching of reading and the support they provide for their children with reading and discussing their home reading books. In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, every child has a reading diary which teachers and parents complete. The reading diary charts a child’s reading progress and next steps. Teachers will offer guidance, praise and reassurance to children and to parents about their child’s reading. As well as the reading diary and informal discussions about reading with parents, teachers report to parents about reading progress at parents’ evenings twice a year.

We also hold reading and phonics workshops for parents in the Autumn term. These meetings give parents the opportunity to learn more about how they can best support their child’s reading progress.

We recognise the importance of listening to individual children read and providing targeted support for the development of their skills. Teachers and teaching assistants listen to individual younger children read weekly. Some children will receive additional support from our trained teaching assistants and trained volunteer reading helpers from the local community.

Reading has a high profile at Christ Church. We aim to introduce children to a wealth of good children’s literature. Every class regularly enjoys a class book or story time at the end of the day and books are often used as a stimulus for work in other curriculum areas. We aim to build reading for enjoyment through activities such as World Book Day, bookshop visits and a specific ‘reading for enjoyment’ support group.

You can find out more information and detail about our reading aims and provision at Christ Church School in our reading strategy document. 

Click here to view our Reading Strategy document for more details and information about our reading scheme.

You can find our reading suggestions for children of all ages here