Christ Church cares about the environment


We have a group of children from each class in the school called CREW (Christ Church Eco Warriors) whose role it is to promote sustainability in the school. The CREW make regular announcements in assembly to promote behaviours which will contribute to sustainability such as reducing the use of single use plastic and promoting food recycling.  CREW are also in charge of planting vegetables each year and have engaged in air quality monitoring projects.

Camden School Climate Charter

As a school we have signed up to the Camden School Climate Charter and each year we focus on one of the goals during Eco Week.  Our latest project has been to teach the children about the importance of biodiversity and how we can protect our green spaces.

TfL Travel for Life

TfL Travel for Life aims to reduce congestion, improve road safety and improve health and wellbeing.  To secure gold accreditation,  we have completed a number of activities to support active travel such as teaching the children how to travel safely on public transport, learn how to use bikes and scooters safely and talking part in ‘Walk to School Week’ each year.  

Other initiatives

As a school. we are trying to embed learning about suitability into the curriculum and take opportunities to promote good practices to the staff, children and parents. We hold regular uniform / toy / Christmas jumper swaps and are considering all our events for how we can improve our sustainable practices. For example, we have changed the waste bins at our Summer and Christmas Fairs to make sure we are recycling what we can from these community events.