Religious Education at Christ Church

Religious Education (RE) is a core subject in our curriculum at Christ Church School.  Our teaching and learning in RE is an important part of our vision for enabling all in our school to experience life in all its fullness which includes allowing everyone to develop and grow spiritually.

Please click here to see our SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) report November 2019


We are proud that our RE curriculum is broad, creative, inclusive and thought-provoking:

  • It develops children’s understanding of Christianity as a diverse and living faith
  • It develops children’s understanding of other major world religions, including through visits to places of worship
  • It gives children of all faiths and of none the opportunity and space to reflect on ‘big questions’ about how faith impacts on believers’ lives and behaviour and on wider communities and culture as well as questions of meaning, truth, identity and belonging


Learning activities in our RE lessons include writing, research, art, music and cooking as well as inviting visitors (including our own parish priest from Christ Church and from across our own school community) to talk about their own experiences of faith. 

RE lessons always have a strong emphasis on discussion, with all children encouraged to reflect on their own views and make contributions to class discussions about ‘big questions’.  We also enjoy sharing a range of our work in RE with the wider community by displaying it in the Church for a few weeks.



We are proud to have achieved a Gold RE Quality Mark from the RE Council for England in recognising our high-quality work in RE for children at Christ Church, as well as our work supporting other school and trainee teachers to develop in this area. 

The assessment for the RE Quality Mark produced some independent feedback from the children about RE at Christ Church:

“I enjoy learning about all the different traditions and qualities there are to a religion.”

 “If, when you are older, you travel, it is a lot easier to meet people and talk if you understand their religion and culture.”

It also provided some more general feedback:

“The curriculum area is innovatively and well led, clearly having a long-lasting impact upon all pupils and the wider school community”

“The effect of rapidly developing and embedded effective practice, led by the RE Subject Leader is a real beacon of hope for today.”

To see our RE Policy and curriculum outline, please click here.

If you have any questions about the RE at Christ Church, please feel free to make an appointment with the RE leader.