Christ Church Arts Project (CAP) spring 2019

In 2019 we spent the year reviewing and reemphasising the Christian vision and values of our school.

We wanted every child, parent and staff member to be involved in as creative a way as possible and so we have created the seven short films we are proudly sharing. 

Year 6 made a film which seeks to show our school vision of life in all its fullness as promised by Jesus in John 10:10;   a vision that we share with the Church of England. 

Children in Year 6 went around the school to show the fantastic opportunities and experiences we provide as a school.  We also filmed children doing all sorts of different activities under a camera.

We organised the footage captured under six main strands within our vision.  These are:

  • Life in all its fullness through strong, positive and loving relationships with respect and compassion for ourselves and for all others;
  • Life in all its fullness through creativity and positivity;
  • Life in all its fullness through academic excellence;
  • Life in all its fullness through the widest possible breadth of curriculum;
  • Life in all its fullness through spiritual development;
  • Life in all its fullness through a sense of community and responsibility.

Year 1 created a short film based on our Christian value of CREATIVITY.

The story we used is from the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. We learned how Nehemiah had to be creative in order to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem successfully.  The story taught us how creativity is important and that it can present itself in lots of different ways.  The children animated the story using lego figures.  They then went on use their creativity to build different types of walls out of lots of different materials.  We also made the word creativity by making each letter differently and using them to show how we are creative at Christ Church.

Year 2 created a short film based on our Christian value of COMPASSION.

We used the story of The Good Samaritan as told in Luke 10:25 - 37.  We explored who in the story showed compassion to the injured man.  As a way of remembering compassion, we thought about putting ourselves in other people’s shoes.  The children created the background and characters to tell the story and did this using stop motion animation.  We had fun bringing in and walking in all types of shoes!  We had snazzy shoes which fitted us alongside shoes that were too big and too small.  The children created the word compassion out of shoes and this was filmed from the roof!

Year 3 created a short film based on our Christian value of COURAGE. 

We used the story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den taken from Daniel 6:1-28.  It allowed us to explore the way Daniel needed courage to do what he knew was right and continue to pray to God as well as to enter the lions’ den.  This led us to think about how courage can be like a candle; like a flickering flame, our courage can waver.  On occasions, the flame can go out like our courage can diminish and fade.  However, we thought about how the light can be stronger when there are more flames and that we can draw courage from those around us to make us stronger.  The children used light in different ways to tell the story in a creative way. We all had fun doing light painting and candle making.

Year 4 created a short film based on our Christian value of COMMUNITY. 

The passage we used is taken from 1 Corinthians 12:12-26.  This passage talks about how the body has many parts but they are all needed to make one body.  Just like lots of different important parts make up one body, lots of people make up one community, where each person is valued and has an important contribution to make.  The children spent time making communities out of plasticine and animating them.  They also used their fingerprints and then their bodies to spell out the word community.

Year 5 created a short film based on our Christian value of SIMPLICITY. 

The passage we used is taken from Matthew 6:25-34.  In this passage Jesus talks about appreciating the simplicity of life.  With this in mind, the children created origami flowers, butterflies and birds.  They also spent time on the Heath enjoying simplicity by appreciating simple things and natural beauty.

A day in the life of our Reception class showing life in all its fullness.

Our Reception class made a film to showcase all the fantastic things they do.  It really highlighted how at Christ Church we live out our vision by offering life in all its fullness.