Our Worship

Our vision at Christ Church is for all the children and adults in our school to experience life in all its fullness. One of the key tenets of this vision is the opportunity for children and adults to grow spiritually, including through our collective worship. In our vision statement we set out that we seek to inspire life in all its fullness for all through:

  • planned and spontaneous opportunities for spiritual development through reflection, discussion and harnessing curiosity and
  • the provision, at the heart of our school life, of daily opportunities for prayer and worship

Our collective worship really is at the heart of our school life, when we come together as a school each day to celebrate, share, sing and pray together. We are a small school and every single one of our pupils and staff has a part to play in our daily assemblies.

Our assemblies are engaging and inclusive and provide an opportunity for all in our school community to reflect, think and pray. Our daily act of collective worship follows the traditions of the Church of England and is usually led by our head teacher or, weekly, by the clergy at Christ Church Hampstead and takes place in school or in Christ Church.

We celebrate important points in the school or Christian year with services in Church, to which parents and family members are warmly invited.

There are also three special Sunday Eucharist services at Christ Church each term when children at the school play key roles in the service reading, serving and singing in the choir.

If you would like to find out more about our worship in school, click here for our worship policy and our spiritualty document.

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