Art and design

Our teaching in Art is planned to develop children’s practical knowledge and technical proficiency in using a wide range of different media to create 2D and 3D pieces, as well as their evaluation and art appreciation skills (disciplinary knowledge), with many projects inspired by learning about other artists’ work (theoretical knowledge). Children progressively develop their skills across four specific strands in Art (drawing, painting/use of colour, sculpture/collage and printmaking) as well as in the wider skills of reviewing and evaluating their own and others' work. We employ a specialist TA to support our teaching and staff training in Art. Across the school, some of our art learning makes links to other curriculum areas, helping to the embed learning in both curriculum areas in children's memories.  KS2 children use sketch books to experiment with designs, colours and techniques and create and record artist studies with increasing independence as they move through the school.

Our coverage of the EYFS and National Curriculum art objectives is enriched by after school art and craft clubs, visits to galleries such as the National Gallery and Tate Britain and by artists coming in to school to talk about their work. Children's learning in art is also complemented by our Christ Church Arts Project: several of our recent Arts Projects have focused on visual arts work including self-portraits using different media and art inspired both by one of our Happiness Project themes and by the work of a range of famous artists.

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