Before and after school clubs and activities

We enrich our curriculum offer with a range of before and after school enrichment activities. We select after school clubs based on extending and enriching the teaching and learning which takes place within the school day in areas such as art, music, technology, languages and PE. We also provide a range of clubs to support our aim of ensuring children are physically and mentally healthy.

We regularly ask children for their suggestions for after school clubs and try to incorporate their suggestions into our offer for each term.

Breakfast club runs daily for all year groups between 7.50am and the start of the school day at 8.50am.

Places can be booked or there is a drop in service. Please ask in the school office about costs and how to book.

After school clubs run every day for all year groups. Many are run by school staff members and others are run by outside agencies. The clubs on offer change each term and all run until 4.30pm. Recent clubs have included French, Spanish, Art, Lego, Tech, Rounders, Football, Health and Fitness, Dance, Gymnastics, Music, Chess and Mindfulness. Information about clubs on offer in the following term and costs goes home to all parents at the end of each term.

Our KS2 choir rehearses weekly during a lunchtime.

Camden Music Service run individual instrumental tuition at Christ Church after school each Wednesday, with lessons and child care continuing until 6pm. Parents can sign children up to learn instruments including piano, brass, recorder or guitar.