• FAQs
  • What are the timings of the school day?

    Morning school starts at 8.50am. It is advisable for the children to be in the playground a few minutes before ‘lining up’ time as this helps for a settled start at the beginning of the day.
    Punctual arrival in the mornings helps children value punctuality, and avoids disruption for the rest of the class.

    The school day ends at 3.20pm. Parents should wait in the playground for their youngest child. Children are dismissed from their classrooms in the infant playground and teachers bring the older classes out to the junior playground.

    We are unable to provide supervision before 8.40am or after 3.35pm and the school cannot accept any responsibility for children who are on the premises outside these times.

  • Can I take my child out of school for holidays?

    Parents are expected to arrange holidays during the school holidays. If you are thinking of taking a holiday in term time please think carefully about the effect it will have on your child’s education and friendships.

    There is no automatic right to take leave in term time and it is only under exceptional circumstances that leave will be authorised. Parents must make a written request to the head teacher as far in advance as possible.

    The Government is looking for at least 95% attendance from all children which allows for a total of only 9 days absence for any reason, including illness. Please help to support the school and your children in this by thinking carefully about your holidays.

  • Does the school have any after school clubs?

    A wide range of after school clubs take place at the school, run by school staff and by outside agencies, including sports, languages, ICT, drama and art. Children at Christ Church School also have access to places at a daily after-school play centre at another local school and a member of staff escorts children to the play centre from Christ Church each day.

    Individual instrumental tuition takes place at Christ Church on Wednesdays after school. There is a small charge for some after school activities.

    Community events, links to sources of support for parents and families and other child care activities such as local holiday play schemes are publicised on the school’s community notice boards.

  • What is the school uniform and how do I order it?

    Christ Church School has a school uniform which should be worn with pride by all children in the school. The basic colours are red tops and navy-blue bottoms. All children need to have a red t-shirt and top (preferably with the school logo) to wear when they are going on a school outing - for easy identification.


    • Navy blue trousers (not jeans) or jogging bottoms for girls and boys (and navy blue skirts or tunics for girls as well).
    • Plain red jumpers, school sweat-shirts*or fleeces*.
    • Socks or tights plain red/white /navy-blue.
    • White shirts* or blouses
    • Sensible shoes of black or navy. [They should be plain, single coloured and with dark laces when appropriate].


    • As winter, plus navy blue shorts.
    • Girls may wear red/white checked dresses.
    • If the children wish to wear t-shirts, they should be plain red or white, or with the school logo*
      Open toed shoes are discouraged for reasons of health and safety.

    PE KIT:
    All children are expected to change for PE.

    • navy shorts or tracksuit trousers,
    • grey t-shirts*,
    • plimsolls or light-weight trainers and spare socks (for girls wearing tights),
    • hoodies* for Y5 and 6 only.

    Kit needs to be kept in a drawstring bag.*

    * Forms for ordering items of school uniform above that are marked with an * are available from the school office.

    Jewellery is not allowed with the exception of watches, which remain the responsibility of the child. For health and safety reasons, children with pierced ears must only wear studs.

  • Does the school set homework?

    Children throughout the school are encouraged to continue their learning at home in a variety of ways, including taking reading books home, learning spelling lists, completing set literacy and maths tasks and researching different topics.

    Some homework, especially in the younger classes, is set with the intention that it is completed with the guidance of a parent and other homework is intended to be completed by the child independently. However, all homework is most effective when supported by parental encouragement and supervision. As the homework set is intended to reinforce and support work that the child has completed or is about to attempt in class, this is one of the most effective and easiest ways a parent can directly help their child at school.

    We expect that all children will attempt the homework set and expect it to be handed in inside the deadline given. School staff are always happy to meet with parents to discuss the best ways to support children’s learning at home.

  • What happens in snowy/bad weather?

    If you are ever in doubt about whether the school is open, a message will be posted on the school website please check at www.christchurchschool.co.uk. from 7.30am. If we were to have to close the school, a message would be given to the Friends reps for each class who would ring parents in their classes as early as possible in the morning.

  • Does the school have disabled access?

    Christ Church School is a very old building and accessed via a large number of steps, making the building difficult to access for disabled people.

    However, we are always very happy to welcome visitors to the school who require disabled access and will do our best, as far as practical, to make the required reasonable adjustments so that the building is accessible for disabled visitors.

  • How does the school use children’s photos?

    We often use photos of children in the school on the school website, adding photos of class assemblies and school events each week. We will never identify children by name on the website, though. If you are not happy with us using photos of your children on our website, please put this in writing to the head teacher.

  • Does the school have a school nurse?

    Yes, a school nurse from Camden's school nursing team visits the school periodically. Our school nurse carries out height, weight, sight and hearing checks for Reception pupils and on request, always with parental permission. She is also available for parents to meet with - please arrange appointments through the school office.